The Chair of Means
liked by: Mrs.Toocky Peep
and Cool King
disliked by: Deffentlee and Bully Peep
home peep okes school
owner Mrs.Toocky Peep
never on it Super Peep,Tyler,and Cool King
on it most Deffentlee and Bully Peep

Basic InformationEdit

The Chair of Means is a chair or sofa that bullys like Bully Peep sit on.

Other InformationEdit

Deffentlee natrally sits on Bully Peep on the chair of means


  • The Chair of means is owned by Mrs.Toocky Peep.
  • Bully Peep and Deffentlee sit on it most of the time.
  • Tyler somtimes gets yelled at by Mrs.Toocky Peep to sit on it.

The chair of means / Reverse Rock
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