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The Fight

The Fight

                        Video the Fight
Video The Fight is a short.In it Cool King has a peeping to much contest then when Deffentlee peeped to much Cool KIng escaped.After that Brady Brad and Deffentlee bump in eachother and they fight.Brady Brad gives Deffentlee paper cuts and Deffentlee peeps to much at Brady Brad. 

Deffentlee's Parents

Deffentlee's mom
Deffentlee's mom is someone that does not like peeping to much.

 Stop Deffentlee InformationEdit


In Stop Deffentlee Deffentlee's mom and Deffentlee's dad tell Deffentlee that he needs stop peeping to much and start acting like a man.Then when Deffentlee goes to bed he smaks his tail on his dads face.Then Deffentlee's parents yell "DEFFENTLEE!" Deffentlee says in his mind "Oh no" then they say GO TO BED!!! Then when he walkes to bed (there is an error) Deffentlee's mom says "Oh and plese don't peep to much,"then Deffentlee says "You got it dude.Then when he goes to sleep he peeps to much.The net day Deffentlee's mom asks what Deffentlee what he wants for brackfast and he says "Garbage!"

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