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Next Episode
The Stone is going on tv some time next year on the year after.

The Cool Kingdom is the place where Cool King,The Top Gard,and Amber Teers Nick live in

IT01 00643
The Peeps are colorful ceatures that peep to much.Well the peeps don't peep to much.Deffentlee does.

Newest Peep
Mrs.Toocky Peep is the newest peep.The oldest peep is Deffentlee.

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Newest Cool Person is Amber Teers Nick
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Amber Teers Nick is a lazy bone.Don't know what a lazy bone is?A lazy bone is a person or pee that is lazy everyday and night.

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The Villins are bad characters that distroy the world.

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Preview of The Thing

Preview of The Thing

{{In The Thing is the first episode of The Trystan Show.}}

Good Fortunes
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